From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

Remodeling Your Commercial Building? Follow These Tips For Getting Rid of Waste

by Nicolas Brar

If you are remodeling your commercial building, you will end up with a large amount of waste. Some items can be recycled, while other materials need to be thrown away. Here are some tips for effectively getting rid of the waste.

Decide if Any Materials Can be Reused 

Before you throw anything away from the building renovations, see if anything can be reused. For example, you might be replacing the flooring in your break room, but some of the tile is still in good condition. If you have enough of it, you can save it to re-floor the small office bathroom. This allows you to update both spaces, but also use the materials that are in good condition. By re-using items, you reduce how much ends up in landfills and also limit how much you need to send to the local recycling center.

Recycle What You Can

The next thing you want to do is consider what remodeling waste can be recycled. You should not be throwing all waste in the dumpster, which ends up in landfills. A lot of remodeling materials can be recycled, which will require a separate recycling containers. However, the benefit is that you need a smaller dumpster since not as much waste is going to be thrown away. Some remodeling materials that are often recycled include glass, metal, ceramic and porcelain tile, plumbing pipes, and some wiring. If you have copper wiring or plumbing, consider recycling it for the eco-friendly benefits and because you can earn a decent amount of money from it. Wood items, like replacing cabinets or doors, should be recycled. Windows and sliding glass doors in your office that are replaced will often be recycled as well. This also includes the aluminum window frames.

Rent a Skip Bin For the Remaining Waste

For the remaining remodeling waste from your building, you need a way to get it to the local dump. While there are a few options, such as hiring a hauling company or taking it yourself, renting a skip bin is often the best option. The dumpster will be delivered to your commercial building, where you will be able to throw away renovation materials as they gather. When the remodeling project is over, you can then call the dumpster company to pick up the skip bin. This prevents you from having to haul it away yourself, and makes it an easy way to keep up on removing waste instead of causing clutter in your building.


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From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

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