From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

Ethical Garbage Removal

by Nicolas Brar

Helping to keep the environment clean is something that everyone can get involved in. Whether you're renovating a property, cleaning out the garden or recycling household waste, there are many things you can do to ensure that your junk gets disposed of ethically and even reused again if possible. The Australian Government's National Landcare Programme is looking at making a huge impact on the future of the Australian landscape by launching the 20 Million Trees Programme and the Threatened Species Recovery Fund. Whilst not everyone can get involved in such initiatives, you can play a crucial role in waste management with minimal effort and planning by following these simple tips.

Commercial Skip Bins

Renting skip bins is one of the easiest ways to control the disposal of waste from large-scale home and garden renovation projects. However before hiring a skip, there are a few things you should do in order to make the whole process as smooth and ethical as possible.

First work out how big your skip needs to be; you can do this by estimating how many black bags you expect to fill, and then relay this information to your hire company. Ordering a skip that is big enough for the job and requires less emptying is the first step in reducing traffic and carbon emissions. Next establish whether some of the waste, such as grass clipping and leaves, could be recycled. Organic plant matter is perfect for compost heaps and will reduce the amount of waste being thrown into landfill sites whilst saving you money as well.

Recycling at Home

If you want to manage your garbage on a daily basis, consider recycling as much as you can. Some councils will offer a recycle collection service; however, if they don't, you can always locate your nearest centre and dispose of the waste yourself to again reduce the amount being thrown into landfill sites.

To make recycling easier at home, try to get yourself a large bin and divide it up using four panels of wood, fastened together lengthwise. This will create a rough divider that can be slipped into a bin (preferably a straight rectangular bin), allowing you to place a separate bag into each compartment. Label each section with card/paper, glass, cans and plastic, and then empty it as often as needed. By using one big bin, you'll be able to save on space, and if you have a wheelie bin, you can keep it outside, using the lid to keep out the rain and any pests such as spiders.


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From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

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