From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

Keeping Australia Green

by Nicolas Brar

The Australian Government's Department of the Environment and Energy has engaged in a large-scale plan to fund and encourage community projects that support the development of greener urban areas. The project itself is called the Green Army, and it aims to support community development projects in a bid to clean up unused areas of urban waste land, preserve local heritage sites and give young people between the ages of 17 and 24 the opportunity to learn new life skills and develop themselves as people. However, if your family is unable to commit to such a project, there are certainly ways that you can get everyone at home, regardless of age, involved in recycling and environmental awareness.

Recycling Starts at Home

The average family throws away a lot of rubbish every day, with each person in Australia averaging about two tonnes of waste each year. Some of this junk could otherwise be reused or recycled to help reduce your carbon footprint and lessen the burden of waste in large-scale landfill sites.

One of the easiest ways to change this is to begin recycling at home. All you need to do is establish whether your local council collects recycling or where your local recycling plant is. Then get some different coloured waste bins with lids, and label them card/paper, plastic, glass and cans etc. It makes it a lot easier if you can just throw the rubbish into a bin without the need to sort it all out later. If you don't have space in the home, then store them outside in a sheltered place, like a garage. Just be sure to use a lid to avoid any unwanted pests. 

Organic Waste

Organic waste consists of things like banana skins, leaves and other food products. These can all be used to make good quality compost, and best of all it takes next to no effort to prepare. Organic waste can save you lots of money every year, especially if you love gardening, as you can make good quality compost to feed your plants all year round. Not only will you reduce your outgoings, you'll also be providing both plants and animals with vital nutrients.

Just buy yourself a compost bin and fill it with plant matter such as grass clippings and food waste and leave it to break down. You'll want to turn it every so often to help it aerate, and avoid using meat, which can cause bad smells. Then when you have a soil like consistency it's ready to use. 

Look into rubbish management services if you have specific questions about dealing with waste from larger projects.


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From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

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