From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

The Environmental Risks of Improper Rubbish Removal

by Nicolas Brar

You might be assuming that residential waste can never compare to commercial waste, which may make you lax on your rubbish removal methods. But the truth is that the degree of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials that are produced from homes pose a serious risk to the environment. Thus, there are numerous decisions that you need to be considerate about from the type of disposal garbage bags you use to the type of waste removal services that you hire. When chemicals, plastics and other toxic items make their way into landfills, they pose a myriad of devastating consequences to the environment. The following piece looks at the three main environmental risks of improper rubbish removal.

Endangerment to the local wildlife

Even when your trash is limited to the confines of your property, the local wildlife is still likely to encounter this debris. All kinds of animals, small or large, will be likely to ingest non-biodegradable materials such as aluminium, plastic and so on. Since these materials cannot be broken down, they cause severe discomfort to the animals and could even prove deadly. These risks are not limited to terrestrial animals. Fish and birds alike are also at risk of either ingesting or being caught up in this waste. It is imperative for all homeowners to seek professional rubbish removal services to mitigate this risk by ensuring the garbage is transported to a secure environment rather than it compromising your local ecosystem.

Water pollution

Another massive environmental risk posed by improper waste elimination is the pollution of your local water supply. Whether your local municipality provides your water supply or if you have a personal borehole on the property, there is always the risk of contamination when the waste is not eliminated correctly from your property. For instance, if you have toxic substances, such as lead paints, and you leave them out in the open, they can seep steadily into the ground. With time, the lead compounds make their way into the groundwater, subsequently contaminating your supply. Other household items that can compromise your water supply via toxic chemicals include household cleaning agents, pool supplies and so on. If you have accumulated numerous cans or bottles of these items, it is in your best interests to have a professional rubbish removal service get rid of them for you.

Excessive greenhouse emissions

While throwing trash in your backyard or choosing to get rid of it at a landfill may seem hassle-free, it can quickly become a massive problem. If any of your unwanted items starts to decompose, it is only a matter of time before methane or carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Both these gases pose the threat of global warming, so it is judicious for all homeowners to ensure they are not contributing to the rise of greenhouse emissions. 


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From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

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