From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

Tips for Keeping Demolition Waste Removal Costs Low

by Nicolas Brar

You must keep waste removal in mind when demolishing a building. It is particularly the case for demolition projects to generate significant amounts of waste. Notably, demolition waste removal clears a site in readiness for renovations or repair work. That said, waste removal costs money, and the amount you pay depends on refuse quantity. Ideally, removing large amounts of heavy waste, such as metals, tiles and concrete, costs more than light debris. Therefore, how do you keep demolition waste removal costs low? Here is what you need to know.

Encourage Deconstruction

One of the best ways to reduce waste removal costs in a demolition project is to encourage deconstruction. With careful inspection, building deconstruction allows you to salvage as many materials as possible for recycling or re-use. For instance, if you are demolishing a residential house, you can remove the faucets, plumbing pipes, metal rebar, ceramic kitchen and bathroom bowls and tiles. The more materials you salvage, the less the expected waste. Ultimately, you pay less compared to demolishing your house haphazardly. The best part is that you gain extra money by selling salvaged building materials.

Sort Recyclables From the Rest

Once you have salvaged components in optimal condition, you should embark on sorting the recyclables. Such demolition waste items cannot be re-used, but they can be recycled without losing much value. They include materials such as broken roofing tiles, drywall, carpeting, plastics and paper. Most importantly, keeping the items in separate skip bins for recycling companies is crucial because most service providers do not charge for collecting recyclable waste. Rubbish removal services can pick the remaining non-recyclable waste for disposal at a local damp site for a fee. Notably, the initial sorting reduces the amount of trash to be picked by rubbish removal services, reducing the amount you have to pay. Besides, some recycling plants pay clients in addition to providing free collection services for demolition waste.

Know Local Recyclers 

Recyclers differ because some accept mixed debris while others do not. Therefore, it is critical to understand the operations of local recyclers, particularly if you plan to use rubbish removal companies that also offer recycling services. A recycling plant that accepts mixed demolition debris is much cheaper because you do not have to spend time sorting waste. It means that you can order few skip bins, which goes a long way in keeping overall waste removal costs low.

For more information, contact a demolition rubbish removal company. 


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From Stinky to Sanitary: Interesting Rubbish Removal Ideas and Strategies

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